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Looking for a cute fun gift idea? Look no further! This charging chord is super cute and will work on any iPhone or Android! Perfect for charging your phone, while your writing in your journal or creating ideas for your blog!

These USB charging chords are SUCH sweet fun! And it takes less time to get to the center of these lollipops! Just unwrap them as you would regularly and pop them out of the container, into any standard USB port, and then again into your phone for super fast charging! It comes with an iPhone charger cord and standard Android ports as well. Stay sweet, poppin', and charged all night!

Durable Plastic Rubber Cord

3ft length


Easy use


Does your phone case need a little upgrade, too? Look at our phone pockets; you can easily attach them to the back of your phone to carry your cards and cash!

Lollipop USB Charging Cord

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